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A bastion for primates

J.A.C.K (Jeunes Animaux Confisqués au Katanga  / Young animals confiscated in Katanga) is located on the city of  Lubumbashi and has an area of seven hectares, part of which is completely wooded.

The sanctuary consists of different areas

The staff area includes two large containers (an office and a lodge for the team), sanitary facilities and a kitchen
The chimpanzee area – there are three groups of chimpanzees. Each group has its open -air external enclosure to which are annexed the night lodges. Chimpanzees groups have no contact with each other and therefore live separately;
The area of ​​small primates – a brand new project made of four major satellite cages around which gravitate covered enclosures in the great outdoors.
The educational area consists of four buildings in the form of a hut to raise awareness of all visitors to the cause of primates, threatened species and the environment in general

The sanctuary young animals confiscated in Katanga (J.A.C.K.) was created in 2006 on the initiative of a European couple, Franck and Roxane Chantereau, eager to stop in Lubumbashi (south of the Democratic Republic of Congo) Extinction and chimpanzee more precisely.


Each saved animal arrives in almost similar conditions after having experienced identical dramas. Most of them have mental trauma after having experienced the massacre of their group, the assassination of their mother and life then captivates with little respectful and ignorant humans as to their needs. Also, some survive the physical disorders (ball impacts in the body, deep wounds, etc.) because they have the desire to live and move forward.

This is where the rehabilitation of these orphans plays its role. JACK. And his group of trainers are there to give meaning to life to all these beings bruised by man. The whole team of J.A.C.K. Mobilizes to give them a second chance in life, the possibility of living within a group of individuals of their species as well as all the confidence in them for a day to be strong enough to return to the forest.

But this task is not easy because it cannot be done without the will to live from these orphans that we recover. Many are tired, exhausted and are so at the end of the roll that they can no longer express feelings or even to vocalize. Their gaze is empty, they don’t want anything. When depression is well installed, we must redouble their vigilance and not only provide them with all veterinary and food care but also attention and affection. These beings need a lot of love to regain confidence in man and rehabilitation can only start if the animal is ready to go up the slope!

Once mutual trust is well established, rehabilitation takes on its meaning and the animal can then join a group after an introductory phase. Rehabilitation is also the development of the individual within a clan with adaptation to the already pre -established rules of the community. The chimpanzee being a very social being, it is essential that he lives with congeners and that they weave very strong ties with them before leaving in the forest!

Boyoma is the projection of Jack’s sanctuary for the pre lease.
Boyoma is located in a strategic zone in the heart of the democratic republic of the Congo so that the dream of rescued animals is fulfilled and obtain the dignified life that should never be taken away by the greed of human beings.

In case the reintroduction is being made, the most capable individuals to go to the forest will live a moment of adaptation supervised on the release site before leaving. They will be followed by transmitting necklaces in order to know their trips and also to better know how they adapt to their new environment.

To date, J.A.C.K. has not yet reintroduced chimpanzees or other primates in the forest. The release project is on the program and is the ultimate phase of the mission of J.A.C.K. 




Jeunes Animaux Confisqués au Katanga (J.A.C.K.) is located in the city centre of Lubumbashi which is a strategic place for Education: easy of access, the complex welcomes visitors, schools and authorities.