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Jeunes Animaux Confisqués Au Katanga (J.A.C.K.) is a non -profit Congolese association. Protecting the primates of the human being.


JACK. is a sanctuary that collects and rehabilitates primates confiscated by the Congolese Ministry of the Environment and/or the ICCN entrusted to it. The Congolese association also has a partnership agreement with the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (I.C.C.N.) with a view to returning these orphans to their natural environment.

               JACK. A four -component mission:

* The fight against trafficking in endangered species with joint work with the environmental authorities to strengthen wildlife laws;

*the rescue and rehabilitation of the primates seized by the authorities and entrusted to the sanctuary;

* Sensitize the population about the cause of endangered species and the environment in general;

* Introduce animals saved in their natural environment

Back to the forest
The ultimate mission of J.A.C.K. is the return to their natural habitat of individuals rescued, rehabilitated and able to live in the forest.


Education & awareness: The conservation of a species is essentially done through eduaction.

In addition to raising awareness among children, J.A.C.K. has made a lot of effort to reach adults: given the massive and rapid disappearance of Congolese forests, some wild primates including chimpanzees no longer have 20 years to wait for the younger generations to wake up to protect them!

Animal welfare

A qualified team monitors the daily well-being of all the primates rescued and entrusted to the good care of J.A.C.K. by the Congolese state.