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Sponsor a primate is a singular way to support us.

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Sponsor a chimpanzee & small primates

Indeed receiving news from his godson every month makes the relationship to J.A.C.K very special because just like us, the chimpanzees have its own personality. Each individual is unique and exceptional.

Taking care daily of an orphan chimpanzee in order to provide him with all the care necessary for his rehabilitation is expensive. Indeed, there are several thousand euros the annual budget represented by the care given to only one of the protégés of J.A.C.K. (Food, veterinary costs and salaries of animal healers).

By sponsoring a chimpanzee, your donation of 120 euros per year will finance 80% of the monthly costs necessary for a chimpanzee to J.A.C.K. We cannot offer all the residents in sponsorship, which is why we have selected 14 ambassadors.

Thanks to your sponsorship, you will receive a sponsorship certificate, a complete biography as well as regular news and exclusive photos of your protégé each month.

Take note of their stories and let yourself be carried away by your emotion.

The godparents are automatically members of the association except refusal expressed on their part

How Can I sponsor a Primate?


I want to sponsor a primate. How can I do?

You can do sponsorship through our civil association Les Amis de JACK with deductible taxes in France. Through the HelloAsso fundraising platform.

How long is the sponsorship?

You can make a sponsorship of 6 months or 1 year where you will receive the adventures of your new friend. You can also become a member or make a free donation.

What is sponsorship for?

You collaborate with the veterinary care and feeding of your godson. It is an active way of collaborating with conservation since we do not maintain only with a private donor as we do not receive the help of any government!



(MALE BORN AT THE END OF 2009) Taken for a bonobo, it was confiscated in Kinshasa by the Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary which took very good care of it. After a month of quarantine at Lola, Ekolo was flown to J.A.C.K. in November 2010 where he was immediately put in a group to spend his quarantine

Stubborn & Sociable

(FEMALE NEE PROB END OF 2017) Recovered by the Congolese army of peasants south of Bunia (Komanda), she was then handed over to the authorities of the Environment and entrusted to Conserv Congo, which did everything possible with J.A.C.K to repatriate her to the sanctuary of Lubumbashi. Bunia arrived at J.A.C.K on March 24, 2022

Very open

(FEMALE BORN IN 2018) Banda - Formerly Ramses- was seen for the first time at the end of January 2022 in Boende in the North-West of the DRCongo. Thanks to the intervention of various institutions, the little female was saved and repatriated to J.A.C.K. where she was welcomed with open arms on March 1, 2022.


(MALE NE PROB IN 2005) When Wanza was confiscated by Congolese authorities in September 2006, he was an alcoholic and it took around 50 days to give him his first bottle. The mating had a terrible impact on the growth of this young male named 'the shrimp' as he was always smaller than the others. Today, Wanza has become a magnificent male.

(Female born probably in 2020) On sale in the streets of Lubumbashi, this red-tailed ascania was seized by our Foundress accompanied by inspectors from the Ministry of the Environment. The confiscation took place on June 12, 2021, the day Roxy arrived at J.A.C.K. The female lives today in a group of individuals of her species


(FEMALE BORN IN 2008) For sale at a bushmeat market in Banalia next to her cut-up mum, Nalia was rescued by expatriates who arranged for the baby primate to be transferred to J.A.C.K. in October 2010. Nalia was very fragile physically and especially mentally! She gave the J.A.C.K. team a hard time!


(MALE NE PROB IN 2007) Kimo is a calm chimpanzee. Offered to a high authority of the DRC in Kinshasa, the latter decided to entrust J.A.C.K. the young orphan and transferred him on his private plane to Lubumbashi. Arrived in November 2008, he had serious neurological problems resolved to date! Kimo was unlikely to be a 'normal' chimpanzee and we think he had suffered a serious blow to the head!


(FEMALE BORN PROB IN 2007) For sale in the streets of Lubumbashi, Maïka was exhausted and no longer wanted to live when she arrived at J.A.C.K. in February 2009. She had a terrible pneumonia and saw death from near. Stocky and muscular today, it doesn't look like Maïka went through a needle's eye! She has become one of the favorites of the dominant male!


(MALE BORN PROB AT THE END OF 2007) Wounded during his capture, Tommy arrived at J.A.C.K. with a bone infection in his right arm in October 2010. There was a good chance he would die or lose his arm, but Tommy made a full recovery after 8 months of heavy treatment

(Male probably born in 2021) Ndolo was rescued in Kinshasa by a young Canadian couple passionate about primates and eager to offer him a life other than that intended for him by his torturers. He flew in to J.A.C.K. November 27, 2021. Ndolo is a Golden-bellied Mangabey, a vulnerable species in the DRC!

Playful & Open

FEMALE BORN PROB END 2011. Kaly was entrusted to J.A.C.K. in October 2013 after being confiscated from a trafficker who was unable to sell it in the streets of Lubumbashi. She is proof that the awareness program of J.A.C.K. works because no one wanted to buy it and the trafficker came to J.A.C.K. and to the authorities


(MALE PROBABLY BORN END 2012) Suffering from a terrible skin disease, Mata was at the end of his rope when he arrived in April 2014 at J.A.C.K. He no longer wanted to live and it took him a long time to recover. Determined and reckless, Mata is not afraid today to face the greatest than him!


(MALE PROBABLY BORN IN 2005) TIKA had been bought by a very high Congolese authority who wanted to breed chimpanzees on his land. Taken out of the forest with other baby chimpanzees of his age and placed in a tiny cage on the farm of the said authority, TIKA is the only chimpanzee to have survived this long journey. Thanks to the awareness-raising intervention of J.A.C.K. with the Congolese authority and his entourage, TIKA arrived at the sanctuary and had a lot of trouble integrating, because this male is stubborn, authoritarian and likes to impose his own law!!

(Male probably born in 2018) Detained in Likasi, a town 120kms from J.A.C.K., this young Malbrouck was seized by the ICCN (Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature) while the owner was trying to sell him on the street. Tino arrived at J.A.C.K. May 3, 2021

(Male probably born in 2019) This blue monkey is part of Africa's largest primate rescue that J.A.C.K. conducted from October 2020 to January 2021. Being the only individual of its species, it lives in a group with other monkeys also repatriated from Zimbabwe. Tikki and her friends arrived on February 2, 2021 at J.A.C.K.


(FEMALE BORN PROB. EARLY 2009) Lynn was living on a mining camp far from Lubumbashi when she was first seen and would have gone down the drain if J.A.C.K. hadn't saved her in June 2011. Very sociable and clever, Lynn has more than one trick up her sleeve!


(FEMALE BORN PROB IN 2005) Before arriving at J.A.C.K., ELIA was held in a ruined house where her squalid cage was placed under the elements. The poor female lived confined in a confined space and was fed only water and peanuts. Consequently, her metabolism and her brain having not had adequate nutritional intake, ELIA suffered serious physical and mental damage from which she is still slowly recovering today.

(Female born probably in 2017) Dany is an agile Mangabey. She is part of Africa's largest primate rescue that J.A.C.K. led from October 2020 to January 2021. Dany lives with LYLA, another agile female who arrived at the same time as her on February 2, 2021.


(MALE BORN PROB IN 2007) When this young male was illegally detained in a village near GOMA, in eastern DRC, he was called 'UDONGO'. His torturers kept them locked in a box and prevented him from going out. 'UDONGO' was barely fed and therefore almost never saw the light of day… When he arrived at J.A.C.K., he had no hair, he was totally dehydrated and had a very swollen stomach (malnutrition) and infested with worms … After 3 months of quarantine at J.A.C.K., he had already regained a magnificent fleece, had come out of this pitiful physical state and he was enjoying life to the full with young chimpanzees of his age... A real victory for J.A.C.K. and his team!!

(Female born probably in 2021) Turi is an Allochrocebus de LHoest, a vulnerable species in DR Congo. This female was rescued in the Ituri region of eastern DRC and arrived at J.A.C.K. in March 2022. Her mum was killed and she was a pet among the villagers who consumed her mum. Turi lives today in a group of primates of his species.

- Kidnapped/sponsorship not currently possible! -


Kidnapped/sponsorship not currently possible!
(MALE BORN PROB IN 2020) In January 2022, César was picked up at a market in LIKATI (Bas-Uélé province) by Mr Armand and everything was done to bring the baby chimpanzee to Lubumbashi, to the sanctuary. However, it took 6 months to transfer it and it was with great logistics and the intervention of several people that César finally arrived at J.A.C.K. where he immediately understood that he was going to be loved and framed at best.

- Kidnapped/sponsorship not currently possible! -


(MALE BORN PROB IN 2020) Seen for the first time by friends of J.A.C.K, this baby was being held in an ecolodge lodge near Kinshasa. The founders of J.A.C.K warned Conserv Congo who immediately confiscated the baby. He was sent by plane on April 28, 2022 to the Lubumbashi Center where he is recovering from all the trauma he has experienced

- Kidnapped/sponsorship not currently possible! -


Monga (ex-Obama) (FEMALE BORN PROB END OF 2017) Detained in Kinshasa, the little female lived in sordid conditions imposed on her by her torturers. They kicked it, used it to take selfies. Monga was chained and hardly free to move. She arrived at J.A.C.K. on November 27, 2021.

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